Statutory Audit, Internal Audit and Assurance Services

Statutory Audit, Internal Audit & Assurance Services

Financial Statements Audit and other assurance services play a crucial role in creating and maintaining investor confidence and navigating the risk associated with miss-statement of financial information. We at GLS, constantly endeavor to provide qualitative assurance services in order to protect the interest of investors as well as the Company

Financial Audit Statement

In view of the economic crisis and financial scandals in past years, the onus of responsibility and accountability on Financial Statement Auditor has increased manifolds. Stakeholders including Government are demanding more transparency, and we at GLS are responding by changing the way we operate, being proactive in listening to our stakeholders, and embracing Data and Analytics and new processes that are enabling us to make audit more relevant and continue to raise the bar on quality.

Through the Internal Financial Controls Framework, we strive to achieve

  • Enhanced governance framework
  • Defining clear accountability and transparency
  • Controls automation
  • Reduction in number of surprises
  • Streamline/standardize controls
  • Opportunity to plug leakages/potential frauds

Internal Financial Controls

The Companies Act, 2013 marks a major step towards raising the bar on corporate governance in India. The Companies Act has re-emphasized the importance of a robust internal controls environment by introducing the term ‘Internal Financial Controls’, and by casting specific responsibilities on the Board, Audit committee, Management as well as the Auditors.

We at GLS, focuses on developing Internal Financial Controls Framework keeping in mind the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013. This framework focuses on financial controls’ effectiveness through a continuous cycle of self-assessment and independent credence based on various internal financial control elements.

Internal Audit Services

We at GLS, adopts a risk based approach that focuses on our clients’ objectives and impediments to achieving those objectives. Our Internal Audit framework is consistent with the best internal audit practiced followed around the world with a singular objective of minimizing the risk in internal control processes.

Financial Statements Attestation

We deliver tailor-made assurance services emphasizing immaculate quality to our clients/business partners. Our focus is on assisting our clients/business partners in steering through complex professional requirements with clarity and agility. Our partner led approach helps in navigating complexities to provide insights in your business with customized solutions.

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